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Rexall Direct is Rexall’s national home delivery pharmacy offering quality services for your maintenance medication needs.

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Rexall Direct is professional, fast, and easy to use.

We deliver directly to you, anywhere in Canada.


Rexall Direct is the perfect, convenient, and professional solution if you or a family member has a long-term medical condition requiring maintenance medications.

Rexall Direct can help facilitate more acute, urgent prescription medication needs as well.


Rexall Direct is governed by the same regulations as all community pharmacies, ensuring that your patient information is kept confidential and safe at all times.

Information is not released to anyone without your consent. Packages are discreet, and there is no indication on the outside of the package that there is medication inside.


We are health care professionals and as part of our commitment to your health care our Pharmacists will review your profile prior to filling each prescription.

A patient advisory information sheet and a personal phone call from our Pharmacist is part of every new prescription medication order.

Give yourself access to the best care.

Rexall Direct allows you to easily create a profile to add new prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, and refill prescriptions easily online.

Need Help? We're here for you.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to our most frequently asked questions or contact us toll-free at
1-888-Rx-2-DOOR (1-888-792-3667)

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